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Welcome Liz Lundberg!

written by rick October 18, 2017
Welcome Liz Lundberg!

It’s my pleasure to formally welcome frequent contributor Liz Lundberg to the tiny but ever-increasing “staff” here at Luddite Robot. (In this context, “ever-increasing” specifically refers to Liz and Liz only, but it made it sound more prestigious.)

After a certain amount of time referring to someone as a “guest,” it inevitably becomes clear that they actually just live here now, and this is the situation with Liz. Her pieces on the uses and misuses of jazz in cinema and the excessive image rank among my favorite things I’ve published here, and she also played on outsized role in compelling me to watch The Happening three times, an experience I won’t soon forget. In fact, insights from our private discussions have found their way into more than a few essays kicking around on this site.

I couldn’t be more pleased — for one thing, she’s an excellent writer, thinker, and foil for my ramblings, and for another, I’ve long wanted to include voices apart from my own. Changing the “About Me” sidebar heading to “About Us” brings me no small amount of joy. What will Liz write about? Who can say? (My original pitch that she helm our Washington Desk and cover the lesser, though still very important, Congressional hearings was met with a healthy skepticism.)

Along with our pals Peter and Aaron of We Love To Watch, Liz and I are already collaborating — or threatening to do so, anyway — on the podcast Pod’s Not Dead, so this is just one more iron in the fire.

But it’s gonna be good! Stay tuned, and welcome, buddy.